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KURBEL Ltd has been established in 1995 by skilled executives with long-standing experience and success in the  
industrial and commercial sector and especially in the metal industry. KURBEL Ltd assists in the strategic development of industrial concerns and commercial enterprises both in Greece and abroad by maximizing the return on new investments, upgrading existing enterprises and utilizing modern technology.

Our key objectives are cost reduction, increase in productivity and total quality. The product quality is safeguarded by the Quality Assurance System, which corroborates our long industrial experience.

At KURBEL Ltd, our executives and associates have more than 20 years’ industrial experience,
each a specialist in his own sector.

Nikolaos E. Andreadakis
Qualified Mechanical Engineer (M. Eng.), University of Karlsruhe, Germany and
Qualified Economist - Engineer (M. Eng), Polytechnic of Munich, Germany.
From 1975 to 1995, Mr Andreadakis held senior and top managerial positions in various metal industries, notably Hellenic Arms Industry S.A.,
FRIGOREX ABEE, commercial refrigeration manufacturer, under the directorship of Mr Andreadakis from 1988 to 1995, gradually became one of the most profitable companies in Greece and was ranked 4th in world market share, achieving an average annual growth of more than 100%
and an average annual net profit increase of 200%.
Shareholder and General Director of KURBEL Ltd.

Organization - improvement of production and the production process (metal constructions and precision mechanisms).
Planning and Implementation of Industrial plants (Refrigerators and commercial visi coolers, Electrostatic powder painting, metal-o-plastic coating).
Planning, set-up and start-up of new investments in production (manufacture of tools - moulds - gauges, aluminium air-crafts parts, production of refrigerators).
Development of Research & Design for metal industrial products, cutting and forming tools and of a codification system for materials, products and drawings (metal components and machinery).
Research & Design of specific production machinery (assembly, optimization of metal processing, wire processing, storage, polyurethane injection, plastic extrusion).
Design and development of Quality Assurance and Quality Control systems (manufacturing of tool-machines, appliances)
Quality Assurance System in accordance with ISO 9000 for Companies engaged in either serial production of industrial products (heat exchangers, stainless steel constructions & devices) or the unitary manufacture of industrial products (automation, assembly & packaging machinery, machine shop).
Worldwide Marketing & Sales Development of electrical devices with commercial applications.
Development and implementation of organization (Metal industries, Food concern).
Design, manufacture and operation of fixtures and installations with maximization of production return on investment and assembly of electrical devices and refrigerators with commercial applications.
Technology assignment in manufacturing (Refrigerators, Plastics).
Design, development, manufacture and improvement of industrial products (electrical devices, devices with commercial applications, machines, metal constructions).
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