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Sector of Manufacturing & Industrial Design
Research - design of industrial products as well as improvement - development of existing ones. The industrial design of products, ranging from
form to complete manufacturing drawings, takes into consideration:
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a) the philosophy of the enterprise - client
b) marketing and market trends
c) productive procedures and potential
Research - design of metal constructions
Electromechanical research focusing on industrial applications
Lay-out design and research. Specialization in industrial, handling lay-out, etc.
Solutions to production and technological problems of industrialization.
Research - Design of special production equipment (machinery, fixtures, automations, etc).
The Research and Design of special machinery and fixtures is the result of the productive procedure’s resolution or improvement.
A complete research - design and manufacturing, according to European and International standards, of high performance:
Special machinery, Jigs, Mechanisms, Automations
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Foaming plants
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- Fixtures
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- Machines
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Industrial Plants and production lines
- Painting shops
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- Overhead conveying
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- Pneumatic conveying
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- Assembling lines
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The manufacturing of the aforementioned machinery takes place according to the technical instructions, the supervision and quality control of KURBEL
Ltd, which guarantees high-standard construction.
Each application includes:
An analysis of the existing situation and a suggested solution with an improvement of the productive procedure. Economic - technical study of the project.
A complete study - design of the special machinery or plants with drawings and specific standards. A detailed lay-out where necessary. The most stringent
international standards, the internal KURBEL standards and the “CE” safety European standards are always taken into consideration.
The manufacturing (even when it takes place in selected, associated companies) is conducted according to the technical instructions, the supervision
and quality control of KURBEL Ltd, by experienced, specialized Qualified Engineers. All materials and parts are of high, controlled quality, from the most
reliablemanufacturers throughout the world, always according to our most stringent standards.
Transportation and installation at the permanent operation place, test operation, training.
Service, technical support and availability of spare parts, all perfectly guarantee proper operation after delivery.
Our long-standing experience and success guarantees the successful implementation of the projects we undertake. Each project we deliver is accompanied
by a written guarantee of proper operation.

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